Quick race tuning – QRT – toggle/eye

Polished stainless steel – AISI 316
QRT19xxx Quick race tuning - QRT - with toggle and eye

Technical drawing


QRT19014G1/4"5814456169137 - 17780013,4
QRT19014 1/4"6,35816456169139 - 179 130014,2
QRT195165/16"81020560201173 - 223220024,7
QRT197167/16"11,11530880257223 - 293460060,7
QRT190121/2"12,7183410110285173 - 223610091,4
QRT190585/8"15,9203812126358223 - 2939700163,7

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Additional information


Quick race tuning turnbuckles for racing, dinghies and small keelboats.

The QRT rigging screws feature:

  • Flexible toggle fork
  • Laser engraved calibration scale for precise adjustment
  • Handle for one end quick adjustment and easy locking
  • AISI 316 stainless steel body and terminal with chromed bronze nut
  • Wire sizes from 2,5 to 10 mm

Note: The level indicator pin is to be used as an indicator and not as a stop. Do not use any force when the pin has reached the edge at level 0; it will cause it to break off.
It is not permitted to adjust the length of the QRT turnbuckle under full load. Tensioning below the WLL is permitted. It is advisable first to adjust roughly the length of the turnbuckle and then load the turnbuckles to a certain tension. The tension may not exceed the full capacity (WLL).

Spare parts:


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