Our products are divided into categories based on industry due to our extensive range of articles.

  • The marine category features wire fittings (UNF and metric) ranging from 1/6″ to 1″/Ø 2 mm to Ø 26 mm, a rod system up to dash 60, rope fittings and various other marine related items.
  • Our wire design system mainly features metric wire fittings from Ø 2.5 mm to Ø 36 mm, a tie-bar system as well as a range of small architecture fittings with reduced diameters.
  • Wave Line contains a range of Ø 8 mm and 5/16″ standard swage, hand crimp and Lloyd’s certified swageless fittings for height safety.
  • The Rope Line range features UHMWPE rope fittings up to Ø 16 mm/5/8″ rope, which can be combined with other Blue Wave products or existing rigging.
  • The swageless category shows our range of DIY wire fittings; they can also be combined with other Blue Wave products or existing rigging.

In some cases, you will find the same product in more than one category.

We also do a lot of custom-made items.


With a worldwide customer base, Blue Wave products find their way into all sorts of projects. You can explore some of them below. We strongly encourage our partners to share their work with us as we are firm believers in collaboration. By sharing your experiences with our fittings with us we can create even better solutions in the future.

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