Our product range is divided into separate catalogues, each with their focus but in some cases with overlap in products /you may find the same product in more than one of the catalogues.

The Marine catalogues features UNF and Metric wire fittings ranging from 1/6” to 1” / Ø 2 mm – Ø 26 mm, a rod system up to DASH 60 and various rope and other marine related items.

Our Wire Design System mainly feature Metric wire fittings from Ø 2,5 mm (3/32”) up to Ø 36 mm (1-3/8”) a Tie-bar system and a range of architecture fittings with reduced diameters.

WaveLine contains ranges of Ø 8 mm and 5/16” fittings for Fall Arrest System – standard swage, Handcrimp and Lloyds certified swageless fittings.

The RopeLine catalogue contains a range of UHMWPE rope fittings up to Ø 16 mm / 5/8” rope. The range can be combined with other Blue Wave products or existing rigging.

Swageless is section showing our range of different DIY wire fittings, the fittings can all be combined with other Blue Wave products or existing rigging.


With a world wide customer base Blue Wave products find way into all sorts of projects. We encourage our partners to show and share their work as we believe sharing experiences with Blue Wave makes us all stronger and help come up with the best solutions. Please continue to show and tell about your work with our fittings.

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