Designer:  Finot-Conq

Boat Yard:  Chantier Naval Structures, France

Mast and Rigging: Hansen & Hamacher

Rigging Hardware: Blue Wave A/S

Pogo 40 is designed to travel long distances at high speeds, and is capable of competing in any of the international offshore races, such as the Route de Rhum or the English Transat or take you family on a long distance trip across the Atlantic during a sabbatical year.

The Pogo features a large sail area on a carbon mast, water ballasts, a very strong and simple rig and double rudder.

Chantier Naval Structures has just delivered (fall 2005) a Pogo 40, rigged by the Danish rigging company Hansen & Hamacher fully equipped with Blue Wave A/S fittings and MTR Racing Rigging Screws.