Who We Are?

Blue Wave Rigging Hardware

After 85 years, established in 1932, in the business with manufacturing located in Haderslev, Denmark, Blue Wave A/S is currently in its third generation, as a family owned and run Manufacturing Company. The Blue Wave crew consists of 35 dedicated and skilled employees, some of them have been with us for more than 25 years.

We are currently among the top three largest manufacturers of high quality stainless steel rigging hardware in the world. Our focus has for years been the Marine, Architectural and Industrial sectors. We export approximately 95% of our total sales world wide.

In the fifties Blue Wave mainly produced shackles and thimbles, later on came the wire fittings and in the nineties the rod program was introduced. By constant development and investments in high tech production machinery, focus on customer needs and wishes, a well known brand name has been established.

Today Blue Wave’s product range covers one of the most extensive ranges of stainless steel wire fittings from 2mm to 36mm cables, a wide range of rod rigging components and we are currently working on our rope end fittings where we have applied for patent.

Blue Wave has the most extended product range of Lloyds approved swageless fittings in the world, covering cables from 3mm to 26mm.

Key factor for Blue Wave’s future development within sales and production is a continued development driven by customer demand. Applying for efficient production, good design, low weight and optimal strength to its products.

We have decided that Blue Wave needs to be ISO 9001 certified. In April 2017 the official audit will be carried through.



With focus on design and safety we create innovative stainless steel wire solutions.


Market leading supplier of customized stainless steel wire solutions.