Swageless Terminals


 swageless terminals side 63

1. First slide the jaw housing in place on the cable.

2. Next, slide the jaws onto the cable leaving some space between the jaw sections.

3. Place the brass pressure ring on the end of the cable. Make sure that the distance from the

    pressure ring to the end of the cable is 5 mm.

4. Slide the jaw housing over the jaws.

5. The terminal can now be assembled. Screw the head firmly to the jaw housing with a spanner.

    Then tighten the lock nut firmly with a spanner.

6. When assembling the Swageless Terminal a non-acidic sealing compound must be used in the housing,

    sikaflex 221, for example.

    Disassemble the terminal and fill the jaw housing and the cavity with sealing compound, then assemble

    the terminal. Repeat this until the sealing compound emerges from the hole through which the cable is inserted.

    Clean the terminal. Do NOT reuse the jaws. Make sure that the dimensions of the terminal and cable match.


Check the terminal regulary for damage in connection with longer exposure to concentrated saline solutions or

polluted surroundings. Check the seal, if it is broken remove all sealing compound. Then rinse the terminal with

fresh water and treat it with WD40. Reseal the terminal with non-acidic sealing compound.


After the first dynamic load the terminal MUST be tightened again. The terminal was developed for use with following

types of cable: 1×19, 7×19 and 7×7. The terminal can also be used with Dyform (compacted strand)

When assembling swageless terminals the the breaking strength of the cable used will be reduced by 0-15 %.

         The user is responsible for choosing the

           prober cable diameter and for correct assembly