WDS Adjuster Forks

Polished Stainless steel – AISI 316 – Circlip AISI 304

As a alternative to wire systems, tie-bars may be used – especially for static structures such as balcony supports, glassed façade structures etc. Standard components are Adjuster forks and
inside threaded connectors for tie-bars. The tie bars are available on request, can be delivered with or without key width as well as a polished or unpolished version. Adjuster eyes can also be delivered on request.

Product Description

WDS Adjuster Forks DataWDS Adjuster Forks Tegning

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C700606, C700808, C701010, C701212, C701616, C702020, C702224, C710606, C710808, C711010, C711212, C711616, C712020, C712224