Thread Forks Welded

Polished Stainless steel – AISI 316

Welded forks with thread and pin for rigging screws, inside thread parts or other terminations. Available with left handed and right handed thread -also UNF sizes on request.

Product Description

Thread Forks Welded DataThread Forks Welded Tegning

Additional Information


021205B, 021206B, 021206XB, 021208B, 021208XB, 021210B, 021210XB, 021212B, 021212XB, 021214B, 021216B, 021220B, 021222B, 021224B, 021227B, 021230B, 021236B, 031205B, 031206B, 031206XB, 031208B, 031208XB, 031210B, 031210XB, 031212B, 031212XB, 031214B, 031216B, 031220B, 031222B, 031224B, 031227B, 031230B, 031236B