Rod Pressing Machine

The Principals.
The double acting cylinder applies pressure to two tapered dies through a regulated pressure pipe. The outer piston applies pressure to the tapered dies and locks the rod.
Through the centre piston, pressure up till 260T, is applied to the end of the rodand forms the “head”.
The press can be delivered with 3 different hydraulic units.
Option 1. The HAGG PA 9 is an air hydraulic pump powered by an air compressor. Time for a press cycle is approximately 30 to 50 seconds, depending on rod size.
Option 2. The HAGG PHS 36 is a two stage hand operated pump, one stage for low pressure and one for high pressure. It takes approximately 5 strokes in low pressure mode, and 50 strokes in high pressure mode to achieve a press cycle.
Option 3. The HAGG HC44/1,5 is a compact hydraulic pump that runs on high voltage electricity, 400V, 50 Hz. The compact hydraulic pumps is fitted with a manometer which automatically switches of the the pump when the desired hydraulic pressure level is reached. Time for a press cycle is approximately 15 seconds.
For further information on the Blue Wave Rod Press and dies, please contact Blue Wave A/S

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RPT260, RPT60