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  • Dual Thread Screw Tong

    WDS Tool for dualscrew

    Technical Specifications
  • Dual Thread Screw

    Stainless Steel - AISI 304

    The dual thread pin allows direct installation into wood and if combined with the correct raw plug it is attachable to almost any wall. Ideal for inside thread solutions.

    Technical Specifications
  • Wire Cutter

    WDS Wirecutter up to 9mm.

    Technical Specifications
  • WDS Crimping Tool

    WDS Accu Tool for 3-6 mm SMALL WDS terminals

    One-hand-operated Arctool, delivered in toolbox with a 12V 2200 mAh battery. Charges up to 1000 times. Each charge delivers power to press up to app. 100 times. For easy use and acces on narrow places the head is turnable 180°. The pressing force is 5,5 kN and a “click” will be heard when pressing is complete. The Arctool Accu is CE-certified.

    Technical Specifications
  • Crimping Tool Ø 3-8mm, Manual

    Economy Tool for 3-8 mm SMALL WDS terminals

    The WDS tools, in the standard range, cover hand presses for the small WDS terminals up to 8 mm wire, wire cutters and dual thread screw tongs. Other tools as well as swaging and pressing machines are available on request.

    Technical Specifications
  • WDS Crimping Tool Ø 3-4mm, Manual

    WDS Tong for 3 & 4 WDS Fittings

    Technical Specifications