Rigging Screws

The Blue Wave stainless steel rigging screws have been setting standards over the last 50 years. Available with a wide range of end fittings, the most common ones are listed in this catalogue, you can “put together” your own choice of complete rigging screw, as the loose threaded rigging screw parts are all to be found in the WDS catalogue.
Blue Wave rigging screws all feature thread and/or wire size, as well as “easy use” marking for left and right threaded side. A special Teflon® lubricate is used on the threads improving the performance. Whenever stainless steel threaded parts are screwed together it is always strongly recommended to lubricate the threads first, as this prevents the threads from jamming!
The larger size rigging screws from M20 and up are available with Stainless Steel with bronze threaded inserts for smooth adjustment.
Most rigging screws are also available with open body & UNF thread, on request.

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