Sandvik SanRig 80 is an austenitie stainless steel characterized by very high fatigue and tensile strength, combined with good corrosion resistance in seawater containing media. Sandvik SanRig 80 rig rood is developed specially for marine applications.

Corrosion resistance in seawater and other high chloride containing media, Sandvik SanRig 80 rig rod has very good corrosion resistance. Tests have been carried out in 3% NaCl solution using an electrochemical cell with an applied potential of 300mV VS. SCE. The determined critical pitting temperature (CPT) of Sandvik SanRig 80 was approximately 50 C (122 F). Based on the results it can be concluded that the pitting corrosion resistance of Sandvik SanRig 80 rig rod is sufficient for the application and comparable to grade Nitronic* 50.

Proof strength Rpo.2 for Sandvik SanRig 80 rig rod is in the range of 80 – 85 % of
the tensile strength. Sandvik SanRig 80 can resist high loads without permanent set of the rig.

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