Wire or Rod Rigging – Blue Wave has the fittings?!

Blue Wave offers a wide range of high quality stainless steel marine fittings. The Blue Wave range complies with AISI 316 standards and is also available in combination with chrome bronze. There are several interchangeable combinations of components, which can be used to complete the optimal wire or rod rig for almost every boat. We trust you enjoy using our catalogue and are sure you will find something to meet your requirements.




Stretch in wire and rod

The reason that a rod rig generally has a shorter lifetime than a wire rig, is that the wire rig has a higher flexibility than the rod rig. The exception is Dyform or compacted wire, with the ability of rod but the fleibility of wire. Stretch is the amount by which a material can be increased in size (lengthened or widened) by pulling. Stretch is always one of the critical factors considered when designing a rig. Low stretch under high loads is important for the final performance of a rigging configuration.






Most popular version where all shrouds (upper, intermediate and lower) are terminated on deck. Represents a simple and economical solution, weaknesses are weight and aerodynamics.


This type of rigging is more sophisticated. All shrouds are terminated both at the top and ends of every mast section (panel). Only V1 and D1 are terminated on deck. By adjusting length of spreaders, a reduction of elasticity can be obtained.



Rig Maintenance

All rigs should be checked and maintained regularly. The rig and sails are your boat’s “engine” and as with all engines, the fittings should be checked at least twice a year. Are your rigging screws starting to fail? Are all treads and pins intact? Cleaning the fittings and adding fresh lubricant, will extend the lifetime of your rig. A rig’s lifetime depends upon the standard of maintenance, however as a general rule, your boat needs to be de-rigged and inspected, at least every other year. A qualified inspector should inspect a wire rig after 10-15 years and a rod rig after 5-8 years.